A comedic web series about women in different periods of history... having their periods.

Liliana Tandon got the idea for Period Piece in the only way one gets an idea for a brilliant new show: over a few glasses of wine with her friend, Rachel. And it was only uphill from there. 

The show's two seasons have over 1.6 million views on YouTube, and were featured on Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Women's Health, Marie Claire France, India Today, and many more! Season One was chosen as a 2016 Official Selection by the Bushwick Film Festival and ITV Fest. Period Piece won Best Original Comedy Web Series in Elizabeth Banks' WhoHaHa Female Comedy Awards, which celebrate female driven comedy. Two episodes were also WhoHaHa finalists for Favorite Parody (against an Amy Schumer sketch), and creator Liliana Tandon was a finalist for Best Impersonation for her impression of Donald Trump (against fellow finalists Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon).

Liliana hopes to use this short form, comedic web series to de-stigmatize menstruation in the media as well as empower women to embrace their periods. After all, none of us would be here without it. Periods are something every girl should be comfortable talking about, laughing at, and owning.

For the release of Period Piece, Liliana teamed up with Racket, a charity that provides free feminine hygiene products to women in need. Together, they packed over 160 individual "kits" for donation to Covenant House. Liliana hopes to continue doing charitable work, helping fuel the conversation about women's reproductive issues and bringing free and affordable feminine hygiene products to countries where such products are not readily available. The lack of such products often leads young girls to feel shamed, sometimes causing them to drop out of school or even to become sick trying to conceal their... crimson flow. She hopes to do her small part in raising awareness about these hush-hush issues, and open people's minds to the mind-boggling idea that girls' periods are, in fact, natural. Or even, dare we say, beautiful?

But she didn't do it alone. Liliana has an amazing team of actors, crew and friends who continue to inspire her with their dedication, hard work and humor. It truly is a team effort.

Now all that's left: You. Please enjoy Period Piece.