We are so proud to announce that Period Piece is a finalist in FOUR categories in WhoHaHa's Female Comedy Awards. WhoHaHa was co-founded by Elizabeth Banks, and promotes female driven comedy. Period Piece is a finalist for Best Original Web Series. Our 1800's Germany episode AND the 2016 Election Special are finalists for Best Parody. And our creator, Liliana Tandon, is a finalist for Best Impersonation for her impression of Donald Trump! It's a HUGE honor to be a finalist, as we are among fellow nominees such as Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy and Amy Schumer. 

Want to help us win? You can vote here: http://whohaha.com/awards/vote/. 

BUSHWICK FILM FESTIVAL 2016 by Period Piece Official

WOHOO! Season One has been chosen as an Official Selection by the Bushwick Film Festival!! Four out of six of our episodes were shot in NYC, and our 1920's was shot in Brooklyn, so we are so excited to be screening the episodes where it all happened. Watch out world!

NEW EPISODES: OCTOBER 2016 by Period Piece Official

Hello Period Piece fans! We are excited to announce that season two has been filmed, and we are now well into post production. Episodes will be released in October 2016. Get ready. This season will knock those socks right off your feet.

xx, PP

WOMEN'S HEALTH by Period Piece Official

“I love getting my period!!!” said no woman ever—but that was especially true in the days before pads and tampons, which a new YouTube series is making abundantly clear.

In Period Piece, women break down what a visit from Aunt Flo was like in different time periods, like biblical times, Enlightenment-era France, and 1920s Brooklyn. And naturally, there’s some humor injected in there.

COSMOPOLITAN by Period Piece Official

Look, no one loves getting their period. But if you have to menstruate, it's probably best to do it in the year 2016. There are a million different ways to deal with bleeding: tampons with plastic applicators and tampons with cardboard applicators, maxi pads for heavy days and thin panty-liners for light days, underwear that absorbs your menstrual blood, and period-tracking apps so you're never surprised by Aunt Flo.

HELLO GIGGLES by Period Piece Official

This fun new series with a delightfully punny name focuses women in different historical eras and cultures all dealing with the same, often frustrating, issue: having their periods. So far, the series has taken on menstruation issues in Biblical Times, Colonial America, Victorian England, Buddhism, 18th century France, and 1920s Brooklyn, as well as in an episode set during modern times.