THAT'S A WRAP! / by Period Piece Official

Well... we DID IT! Monday the 16th of November marked the last day of shooting for season one of Period Piece. The team worked tirelessly, perfecting each of the eight episodes. 

As I sit on my couch, watching rough cuts, already almost not rough anymore, I cannot help but be overcome with love and gratitude for all the people who helped make my dream a reality. A year ago today, I was probably sitting at an audition, waiting for eight hours to maybe be seen by some casting director's assistant who would maybe tell me I could do my job. But as I watch these episodes, I am so thankful for everyone who stood with me and said, let's show them what they're missing. This show is going to help little girls realize they don't have to be ashamed of their periods. This show is going to teach little boys that menstruation blood is not disgusting while stab wounds are manly. This show is going to educate people about the injustice happening to women around the globe who aren't able to get an education, all for something that we owe our lives to. And, I hope, this show is going to make people laugh. I couldn't have done any of it without the incredible people who spent countless hours making costumes, researching and learning period hair and makeup, calling in favors to get the best equipment available, making coffee runs and picking up props when I forgot them and driving around with equipment at all hours of the night so I could save money on cabs. And I am so proud to showcase the incredible talent of all my friends who brought these ridiculous characters to life. This show is no longer just mine. It belongs to all those people. I can't wait to show you what we did, because it's going to be bloody amazing.